Sportinnovator team goes seahiking

Sportinnovator team goes seahiking

Last year, Seahiking won the innovation challenge ‘Exercise in outdoor water’. This challenge was set up from the Sportinnovator programme (part of ZonMw) and aimed to get more people practicing sports and exercising in outdoor water.

Thanks to the support of Sportinnovator, we can now roll out this new, playful water sport nationwide. There are now no fewer than five locations on the Dutch coast where you can experience seahiking. Where adults can feel like children again, playing in the surf.

This added value of versatile movement in the sea – inspired by Athletic Skills Model – coaches Diederik and Esther let the people from Sportinnovator experience it for themselves today. After a presentation on seahiking and related water safety innovations, the team went into the sea armed with a paddle.

In a short time, they were introduced to the limitless arsenal of movements available to a seahiker-to-be. We saw the Sportinnovator team, including former top athlete Gregory Sedoc, jump, dive, balance, turn and land in the dynamic North Sea with a big smile. It was amazing to see so much enthusiasm during and after the session.