Seahiking: the immersive water workout

Seahiking is playing in the sea for grown-ups! Due to the sea water’s dynamics, seahiking helps you improve your physical and mental health on all fronts. As a seahiker, you learn to read the sea, as well as respond to it in diverse ways. Seahiking is safe, accessible and can be done nearly 365 days a year – waves or no waves.

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Seahiking is growing fast as a sport along the coast of the Netherlands! Every week, new locations and trainers join.

Via our newsletter and social media we keep everyone up to date on where seahiking is being offered, how you can get involved and how the sport continues developing.

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Seahiking is for you if you…

  • Are looking for a new activity to become or stay fit
  • Need to recover from an injury in a responsible manner
  • Prefer to exercise outdoors and in fresh air, all year round
  • Wish to spend more time in nature
  • Feel connected to the sea… and love diving into it!

And even more if you…

  • Regularly go wave surfing and like to stay surf fit and in the water – also on days when there are no waves
  • Used to do water sports in the past, and you would like to keep doing so in an accessible way
  • Are a lover of sports on open sea, but kite/wind/wavesurfing is too much hassle

Near you

Do you live near the coast and would you like to join one of the weekly seahiking sessions? Then have a quick look where we offer seahiking near you.

Buy your own gear

Are there no seahiking locations near you yet? Seahiking can also be done independently! With your own gear and the online community, you can keep developing yourself.

Team Events

Are you looking for a fun, refreshing and unforgettable team outing? Go seahiking! Challenge each other in the waves and finish with a warm drink on the beach. Many groups have gone before you! Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Become a location

Are you a surf school, event agency or other business with your own wetsuits? Expand your choice of activities with seahiking! Get in touch and we will explore the possibilities together.

Become an instructor

Do you want to help strengthen people physically and mentally through the power of the North Sea? Then become a certified seahiking instructor! Leave your details and we will contact you.

Seahiking as therapy

Seahiking has numerous therapeutic applications: physiotherapy, mental therapy, lifestyle coaching, burnout recovery.... Get in touch and we will explore with you what seahiking can do for your business.

Seahiking Agenda

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I love bashing straight through the waves! Whether it’s forwards or backwards.

– Tako

Seahiking News

Questions and answers

Is seahiking safe?

Safety is always first. Every participant wears a Restube: a safety belt containing an inflatable buoy. We have never yet had to use one during a seahiking session, but in case we do, it’s always there. In addition, every instructor is wearing a GPS system, SafeTrx, with which they can alert the coast guard with a push of a button – even without a mobile signal.

Do I need to purchase anything for seahiking?

Not necessarily! We operate from a surf centre where you can rent a wetsuit. The other gear – a special paddle and the safety belt – is included in the session.

Isn’t it too cold?

You always wear a wetsuit of the right thickness and in the cold winter months, you wear extra shoes, gloves and a cap. We also do a proper warming up and the instructor always keeps a good eye on everyone. That way, we can go seahiking safely all year round – even in the winter, it warms you up!

I’m not in great shape. Am I able to join?

No worries. If you find that a certain exercise too difficult, we can adjust it to your level. If you’re concerned, it could be a good idea to join a first session on a day when the sea is quiet.