Seahiking Gear

The seahike paddle and a safety buoy… If you join us during a group seahiking session at one of our official hotspots, use of this basic equipment is always included in the price. Would you like to go out to sea more often and go on a seahiking adventure yourself? Then buy your necessary gear via this page!

Seahiking paddle

The seahiking paddle: developed especially for our sport because… there’s no seahiking without a paddle! This is the basic equipment, as well as the basis, for countless moves in the sea; from the Fat Mermaid to the Backflush, from the Kamikaze to the Marine High. The paddle will challenge you on all fronts while keeping you upright and moving forward in the dynamic North Sea. The paddle is adjustable from 100 to 130 centimetres. Suitable for seahikers between approx. 150 and 210 cm in length.

Click here to order the seahiking paddle: now for €69 incl. shipping (within NL)

Restube Extreme

Safety first! This innovative, compact safety buoy is a must at any seahiking, kitesurfing or foiling session. Pull the rope and your safety buoy self-inflates within seconds. You can use it to catch your breath and be visible to others. Reuse is possible by emptying the buoy after use, rolling it up and screwing a new CO2 cartridge into the Restube. Send us a message if you want a new cartridge (€15 incl. shipping).

Click here to order the Restube Extreme: now for € 95 incl. shipping (within NL)

NOTE: Restube is not a replacement for a full-fledged life jacket. It is not a guarantee against drowning. You still need to take action once the Restube is inflated. A SafeTrx emergency watch is recommended for seahikers and kitesurfers. Restube Extreme is only suitable for experienced water sportsmen over 10 years old. Also, always try to do your favourite water sport together with someone else.

For SUP’ing, we have the Restube Active available. For a special promotional price, send an email to