Seahiking is exercising

Bewegen 1 (Engels)

When I get out of the water and get home, I think to myself: ‘yes, I really had a workout. Especially later in the day, when I feel all my muscles again. It really is a sport.’

– Michael

Seahiking is enjoyment

Genieten 1 (Engels)

Seahiking brings out the child in me, and always leaves me with a big smile

– Kim

Seahiking is immersing in nature

Onderdompelen 2 (Engels)

Lots of people enjoy the sea. But they mostly do so from a distance. Seahiking means enjoying the sea while being in it, and that’s amazing.

– Tako

Seahiking is disconnecting

Ontkoppelen 1 (Engels)

What I like most about seahiking is that, for a while, it’s the only thing you have on your mind. And nothing else.

– Daphne

Seahiking is playing

Spelen 3(Engels)

Playing with the elements of nature.

– Daphne

Seahiking is for you

Voor jou 2 (Engels)

Everybody who lives near the sea: come and join us in here!

– Johan