What is seahiking?

Seahiking is an innovative water sport. Call it playing in the sea for grown-ups, while working on your body and mind on all fronts.

Equipped with a paddle in both hands, you walk along the seafloor, through the surf. In the dynamic North Sea, you get plenty of chances and challenges to move in all kinds of ways: jumping, diving, bodysurfing; going with the flow and bashing against the current. In seahiking, the goal is not to ‘hike’ as far as you can, but to move as diversely as possible and with a maximum amount of playfulness.

The different conditions in the sea require different movements. With a calm sea, it’s all about endurance; with a wilder sea, the focus is on strength and mobility. That makes each session different. In seahiking, the only constant is that it’s always variable!

We do all of this in a safe and healthy way: thanks to the upwards pressure of the water, the risk of injuries is practically none, no matter how much you jump around.

Seahiking is play and sports, but the greatest reward might be the mental one. By literally submerging yourself in nature, you disconnect completely from the world for a while, with nothing else than the waves and your body to think about. This is what many participants get out of the sport.

Improve your condition optimally with Seahiking


Seahiking is the ultimate full body resistance training. The power of the sea challenges all of your muscles. And since you’re training in water, every muscle fibre benefits from the increased supply of oxygen-rich blood.


Seahiking is a fantastic way to increase your endurance. The pressure difference between sea water and your body allows for up to 30% more blood to be circulated. By regularly seahiking, you strengthen your heart and breathing muscles in a natural way.


Waves, currents and wind make you more agile in a responsible manner. Every second, the sea is different, which turns on all of your senses. Seahiking leads to an incredibly valuable two-way traffic between mind and body.


There’s a big wave coming in! What will you do? Block, bounce or bodysurf? Waves create a fantastic power game between you and the sea. Whichever strategy you choose for an incoming wave, your stability muscles and capacity for balance are tested time and time again.


In contrast to air or land, being in water allows you to move in every direction: vertically, horizontally, diagonally. It’s no coincidence that astronauts carry out so much water training. Due to the 360 movement pattern, seahiking allows you to optimally improve your flexibility.